Green Freight Program: Stream 2 Application Form

You are applying to receive funding towards a repower project or the purchase a new alternative fuel trucks

Company Information
Employee Composition
Business Operation
Fleet Portrait

Project Description Experience & Readiness
What amount are you receiving from other sources (other federal government departments, provincial departments, etc)

-What do you plan to achieve with this Project?
-Please describe why you are applying for Phase 2 funding.
-Applicants must demonstrate that the proposed Project will result in reduced diesel consumption and improve certain aspects of their fleet. Information should be provided regarding the existing weakness within their fleet.

-How much fuel savings in litres do you expect to achieve through the proposed investment(s)?
-Please quantify or explain how the proposed investments will help you reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
-Are there any other direct or indirect outcomes to the benefits of this project? What other direct or indirect outcomes might this project yield?

-Do you have a project lead who will manage the project?
-Please explain how your organization plans to track the GFP data requirements.
-Do you track your data through telematics or is it manually reported?

-Is there support from senior management to move forward with this project?
-Has the budget been approved by senior management?

-What is your timeline to invest in the project?
-Does this timeline change should your project be selected to receive financial assistance?
-Is there support from senior management to move forward with implementing assessment recommendations?

-Is there a robust fueling network to support the use of alternative fuels? If yes, please provide the station names.
-If there is no fueling network, are you engaging with utility companies and/or considering future investments in on-site or off-site refueling infrastructure? Please describe how you intend to source the fuel in question.
-Are there any issues in servicing the new alternative fuel trucks in the area you are based?
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